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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Chicanguya has struck again!

Wednesday August 12th

Hellllllo family and friends, 

I CANNOT believe that my beloved brother and role model has finally come home. It is quite amazing the velocity at which the mission goes. I blinked and now have almost a year in the greatest country in the world. Transfers were today and I left a huge piece of my heart in La Vega. I LOVED la Vega and My companion with all my heart. It's sooo hard to leave an area when you did EVERYTHING in your power to help it grow and have to leave right as the harvest is ripening. But! I will go and do what the Lord has commanded! Richard is going to be Baptized september 5th. And I did everything in my power to help those amazing veganos.

Sin Embargo, I am now in Moca! with a funny Nicaraguan who looks like the old guy from UP. He is a little tired but it's gonna be a great transfer! Basically I was sent here to Moca to breath life into this missionary because he is DEAD. He has a year and seven months and I am senior comp. He is without a doubt the most disobedient comp i have had (he was in my zone in SF) but I'm pumped!! The spirit worked miracles with my last comp and it's going to be an interesting transfer. I am honestly super content and excited to help this guy out. Its also VERY possible that I'll train the upcoming transfer.

This week I read one of the greatest chapters of the Book of Mormon, Moroni 7. I think isaac wrote about love a few weeks ago, and I want to touch upon the importance of love and charity in our lives. What I have learned here in the mission (and knew before the mission but never put it in practice) is that our HAPPINESS really depends on how much we love our Savior. Imagine that, if our focus is loving the Savior we will put others others before ourselves and do everything in our power to keep the commandments. As it says in Moroni, without charity we are NOTHING. I can honestly say that as a missionary, if you don't love it is VERY hard to serve and enjoy the mission. The true happiness comes in life as we love and serve our fellow man!

Love the ONLY Elder Blake!

PS - Chicangunya -  it's coming around again!
I could have it, I'll let you know next week!

Yolanda, she was super bummed I left (as you can see haha)! She has a date for October!

​Lulu!! She's awesomeee and progressing a lot!
Jose y su esposa! They're some of the funniest investigators ever!
Jonathan and his dad, two of the best people I have ever met
Johnny with is platain chip business - yardy know he hooks me up!

Elder Sanchez and Rodriguez, two of the dopest guys I've met.

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