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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

3rd Nephi 12

Dear Family and Friends this week was epic!

We got dique hit by a hurricane on friday but it basically didn't even rain (thank goodness I'm in between two mountain ranges). I heard that it was pretty rough in Santo Domingo y San Cristobal but I really have no clue. However, Friday was more eventful because I was tossing up rice and beans for a solid 6 hours. (FYI Rice is by far the worst food for throw up ever because it clogs up your nose).

Anyway, this week was great. My golden investigator from La Vega called me on Monday to ask if I would give him the pleasure of baptizing him. I cried out of pure joy. Therefore, I'll take a taxi to the best area in the world on Saturday to baptize Richard...pictures will come asap.

Other than that this week has been really average. We are working hard and praying that the many people we have will progress. We have three baptismal dates for this month but the they're three jovenes and all are a little iffy. However, pray for Freddy, Carlos y Manuela!! 

I think that the highlight of my week was receiving an answer to my prayers in the Book of Mormon. For those that know me well, you know that I have a hard time loving as Christ would love. A few times before I have had people that really bothered me and I would verbally make sure that they were aware. On Monday night, I almost lost my patience with a new convert because she insulted me for being American and strict...aka obiedinte. She yelled at me because she doesn't think that I like to have fun, or in other words go to her house at 9:30pm to eat her food. It's been a little rough because the missionaries here have stretched the rules a little bit and therefore, it appears that I am the party pooper haha. However, I prayed for guidance during my personal study yesterday and received a direct answer to my prayer. I read in 3rd Nephi 12, it says   44 But behold I say unto you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and'pray for them who despitefully use you and persecute you;
 45 That ye may be the children of your Father who is in heaven; for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good.

The Holy Ghost punched me hard in the face as I read these verses yesterday. Its SOOO easy to say that we love our family and friends, but then once someone offends us, even continually, our heart changes and we begin to hate. Honestly on Monday I was super frustrated and wanted to yell at this woman; in the moment it seemed just. how could i, trying to do my best, get a boat load of crap from a member? It boils down to ignorace and lack of knowledge, however. I took the high route and tried to explain where I am coming from. But when I read the words of the Savior to the Nephites I felt a change of heart, as it says in 45 the sun rises for everyone, ourselves and our enemies. It rises for all of us because we are all his children and he loves us all equally. Going forward, I know that it's important to keep this perspective, and to bless those that curse us. This past year has been the greatest year of my life. Through a constant, diligent, daily effort I testify that the gospel of Jesus Christ has the ability to change us. I know that I am a better person for this gospel. Sorry, I am not the best writer under time pressure but I hope that anyone who reads this can feel, or understand just as to what I am trying to convey.
Love Elder Blake
PS - Cladooo, Mom I'm pumped to go to the Spanish branch next summer because there are a ton of Dominicans up in Mass!. A member I knew from san fran has 3 daughters who go to a branch in Worcester.  I hope I'll get to meet them!

To Isaac: Diache, la vida sigue volando. Pronto cumplire un ano en la mision y todovia me siento como un Greenie!
Pero de verdad me alegro que todo este bien con ustedes. Espero que anna tenga un buen ano y que noah se mejore. 
Isaac, donde estas viviendo? Espero que puedas contarme sobre sus clases y si puedas consegir trabajo. Tiene mucho tiempo a hacer tarea y otras cosas asi. Cuando tu estas terminando en la primeveria consigue un trabajao para mi en la biblioteca, este seria bacanisimooo! Realamente me dule mucho a pensar que los dias de mi niñez han pasado, pero nada pa lante!
Isaac, todo sigue bien con mi compa. De verdad el tiene muchas problemas con gringos pero le ayudo a ver lo que es mas importante....el trabajo. Este semana tuve una expriencia muy duro. Lunes un hicimos una noche de hogar con un converso reciente y un miembro menos activo. Despues de la lección, aun que fue a las 9 30, el menos activo insitio que nos quedaramos para cena. Cuando dije que teniamos que irnos, el converos empezo a gritar que yo soy un mal misionero porque no disfruto la mision. Explice las reglas, pero ella me dijo que no la importara. Antes de venir aca, mi compa decia a todos que puedmos estar afurea de la casa hasta 10. Basicamente por la disobendiencia de mi companero, los miembros principlamente piensen que no soy un buen misionero. Ha sido un poco dificil.
Que crees que pueda hacer a arreglar eso?
Les queiero muchisimo!!

From Isaac:No sé si todavía estás en la compu, pero leé Hechos 5, especialmente 29, 38, y 39. No es fácil tener valentía, pero necesario sí!!

Te quiero!

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