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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Best week in a longggg time

Dear Family and Friends,

This has been without a doubt one of the best weeks of my mission. It's truly mind boggling just how fast time flies by. As of right now, I hope that my mission never ends because it is such an amazingly spiritual experience. Who else can really say that their purpose and job 24/7 is to help others find true happiness in their lives? Esto si es algo maravilloso! A few days a go I woke up from a dream at 3am, where I was sent home from my mission and I was only allowed to return on TWO condiciones. 1. If I were to LOVE everyone as Christ loves and 2. to be 100 percent obiendte. As of this dream my desire to work and served the Lord has sky rocketed.

This week, Elder Corder has taught me sooooo much. My kid came SOOO well prepared in all aspects. His ability to teach is phenomenal, his knowledge of the scriptures is uncanny and his attitude is impeccable. Basically we just hit the ground running and now we are changing the world. Not to mention that he is very witty and funny and brightens any dampening situation. Basically Elder Corder was an answer to my prayers. Anyways let me give a few highlights of this week.

This week, we decided to give Leo y Maria one final chance (they haven't come to church yet and kind of stopped progressing. However they're basically my family here. I LOVE them soo much.) One Saturday we went to talk about faith and works. The lesson became very spiritual and they came to realize that they needed to act on the impressions of the Spirit that they have felt. By the end of the lessons the whole family was crying and I was as well. They had a commitment for that morning however, they promised to come to conference on Saturday and Sunday, I know its gonna change their lives!! Pray for Leo, Maria, Angie, Wendy y Lilly! They're such an amazing family.

On Thursday, we went to Berling's house. This kid is a STUD. He went to church for the first time 2 weeks ago and he LOVED it. On Thursday after talking about Jose Smith he asked me, Elder Blake I read Moroni 10 3 through 5 and after  I prayed and felt something really different, something that I have NEVER felt before. I was SOOO pumped!! We testified of the fruits of the Spirit and he recognized that it was an answer from God. We hadn't really been thinking about picking a baptismal date, but he told us that he wanted to be baptized and be a missionary. Pray for Berling so that he will be ready for the 24th of Octubre! 

Anyways this week has been very spiritual. As many know I have a slight case of ADD which has made it really hard for me on my mission to teach effectively. I sometimes just go all over the place. However, with Elder Corder, EVERYTHING we have taught so clearly and effectively. Even as I'm teaching I just think, 'Wow! this all makes soo much sense now'. I love the DR sooo much and the chance I have to serve the Lord. I hope that we can all be member missionaries para llevar a cabo la inmortalidad y la vida eterna de los hombres!

Les queiro mas que sepan!

Elder Blake

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