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Saturday, October 24, 2015


Wayyyy this week has been SOOOO awesome. It has honestly been flying by sooo fast that I can't even beleive it. I live in a house of four with Elder Thaler (we lived in the same room in the MTC) and he's one of my greatest friends of all time. We are both going to BYU after the mission and everynight we talk at how amazing the mission is and how sad we will be to finish. However, I'm living everyday as if it were my last!! But it's sad, thinking in the prespective of the mission that we are on the downward slope. As much as I love and miss everyone there is NOTHING like being on the Lord's errand!

This Week Elder Corder and I KILLED it. We had one of our best weeks yet and we felt very guided by the Spirit. It was a week that required a lot of faith because we had to drop Leo y Maria and a few other investigators, however, the Lord has provided the way so that other prepared people have the chance to recibir el evangelio restaurado. For example, a month ago Elder Corder contacted a DOPE family and just because we have been soo pressed for time we hadn't been able to go back until this week. We went back and they had read the whole phamplet and prayed (that is RARE here in the DR). We will be going back to on Friday and we are going to put some dates with them.
I think my happinest moment was with our investigators Berling (he's a spritual stud) and Juan Shira. 

Berling is on the fast track to baptisim for the 31st and he is sooo pumped. His older sister is now participating in the lessons and in Berling's words 'our words are now convincing her' but we really know that it's the Holy Ghost!! They both promised to come to church this week.

Juan Shira is a recent convert's son and he was a HUGE thug. One night as we were sharing with the family I asked him if he wanted to share with us and he did! Anway, we testified of the blessing of the gospel of Jesucristo and he has turned his life 180 degrees these past two weeks. His mother told us that he has stopped drinking and leaving at night...huge steps!!

I know that this is the work of the Lord and that the Holy Spirit can help us divinely if we try to be obidiente at all times. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of god. One of my favorite scpritures is in Mosiah 23 vs 21 and 22. I don't have time to find it but I hope y'all can look it up!

Love you all! nos vemos!
Elder Blake

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

This week has been amazingly spiritual. Elder Corder and I got down and dirty and killed ourselves in the service of the Lord. It was a hard week because we have seen such little fruit. On Sunday we were expecting to have a great turn out of investigators but between having Stake Conference in another church building and just classic excuses no one showed up. It was a little rough but kind of a huge wake up call for me and Elder Corder because we gottta work harder or just work in the Lord's way.

We read a scripture during our companionship study that we are now ponderizing. It reads: 

18 For he is the same yesterday, today, and forever; and the way is prepared for all men from the foundation of the world, if it so be that they repent and come unto him.
 19 For he that diligently seeketh shall find; and the mysteries of God shall be unfolded unto them, by the power of the Holy Ghostas well in these times as in times of old, and as well in times of old as in times to come;wherefore, the course of the Lord is one eternal round.
Even though I have read the Book of Mormon twice on my mission and a hand full of times before. This scripture really penetrated me yesterday as we read it read it together for our personal study. It's funny to me just to think how self-centered I can be, and how the gospel of Jesucristo is for ALL MEN. It was an amazing reminder to me that I have the ultimate opportunity to share the gospel and change the lives of los mocanos. I know that we receive a testimony after diligent study and prayer. I love the Lord and his work. I have seen and felt the mysteries of God literally being poured over me in personal revelation. I wish I had more time to go into detail but I gotta sign off and go preach!
I love you all!!!!
Elder Blake

Elder Tippits and I at the 2 week Trainers Meeting.

Elder Corder and I

Drinking Malta Morena

General Conference

Wayyyyyy Que lo Que mi amada familia y amigos.

This week has FLOWN by in all aspects, and General Conference was absolutely killer. Before, it always seemed that I would count down the clock for the sessions to be over, but these past three conferences in the mission have been completely opposite. I was able to learn a lot and confirm many doubts that I had as well.

This week Elder Corder had his first little break down about Spanish. Even though he is wicked smart he just let a few little things get to him and was visually discouraged. I talked some sense into him and after about 10 minutes he was rockin and rollin once again. I basically just told him that the only person who wants him to be discouraged is satan, and if he was putting in his part,God is obligated to return the blessings. It turned into a really great moment and our relationship grew a lot. Honestly, Elder Corder has been an answer to my prayers and a truly great friend. I think we will be life long buds.

This week has been HARD. I have been pondering a lot about why because these past 10 weeks have been the hardest in the mission even though these have been the weeks when I have tried my absolute hardest to be obediente. Literally Elder Corder and I do everything that we are supposed to and them some.  Sadly, all of our stud investigators just kind of all had obstacles as for why they couldn't go to General Conference. It broke my heart because it seemed that there were talks that were WRITTEN for them!! Especially Leo y Maria and Berling!! I love the mission but when people don't progress a little part of me dies inside. But I guess that's a good thing because it really shows me just how important the gospel of Jesucristo is to me. However, I know that God has something great planted in our path.

I wish I could really express the emotions that I am feeling right now. However, I think those who really know me will know how important this work is to me and our Father in Heaven. I love you all sooo much and I hope the best for everyone this week.
God bless the USA, BYU and the Raiders!
Elder Blake
This is Berling, and 19 year old stud who HAD a baptisimal date for the 24th. He didnt go to church this week so we have to push it back. Pray for him!!

I dont know why its soo hard to find waffle crisp but I found it here and it made my Pday, I ate the whole box in less than 24 hours.

Elder Corder far left, Elder Thaler (my best friend here thank the heavens that he lives in the house with us) y yo). We lost power last night at 10:30 and it was wayyyy to hot to sleep without a fan, sooo we took our mattresses outside on the balcony. However it was still wicked hot and impossible to fall asleep haha.