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Monday, March 2, 2015

Week of Huelga 2/18/2015

This week has been really awesome and funny. We worked hard when we could and lamped harder when we couldn't. There is something really remarkable when you put faith and works together. This week we have really seen the fruit of our labor. We have loadsssss of people to teach right now, more people to teach than we have time in the day. On Saturday and Sunday we had Stake Conference with President and Elder Honda Civic of the Seventy (he's from argentia and his accent is absolutely horrible).  Anways the theme basically was about member responsibility. All the missionaries loved it and hopefully it'll help boost the moral of our dwindling ward. As always, we tried to always work with members this week and with our efforts combined our investigators are progessing like crazy. Transfers are next week and I think I'm leaving, but were going to put fechas for the baptisims with in the next two weeks. There is no better feeling than arriving to an appointment to someone who actually kept their commitments.

Anway the work is going super well. Astri, one of our recent converts told us that she wants to serve a mission. She just had an interview with el opispo and will go to the temple for baptisms this upcoming Saturday...uber dopeeee

In other news this week I sang a solo in our Stake Conference in front of Pres Douglas and Elder Zivic. I didn't know I'd be singing a solo until I was sitting on the stand about 10 minutes before. I sang 'Lord I will Follow Thee'. I won't go into detail, but let's just say it didn't sound like Natalie Packer's version of 'I Stand In Holy Places'. President jokingly told me I should never sing in front of anyone ever again, and another elder told me that it was by far the worst musical number he had ever heard. I guess there is no gift of musical tongues. (But at least the real gift of tongues is working now). It hurt my ego a little, but I've recovered. I met a missionary from Nibley, Utah who says he knows Uncle Boyd and Nate. Elder Irish. I forget his first name but we had some good laughs reminiscing Nate jokes. 
Also we couldn't work yesterday because the people had a huelga. Basically people rioting in the streets because they want 24 hour power. The people basically burned a lot of tires, shot guns, drank beer and threw a ton of trash on the street. I wish I could take pictures.
Anyways life is going great, its so amazing to feel the spirit everyday so strongly. I didn't prepare a spiritual thought but basically just want to share a scrip that I found in my personal study this week. 
I'm a sucker for scrips to boost moral and this is absolutely perfect.
I'm loving life here in the DR and wouldn't change a thing!
Tatooo Tatooo
Elder Blake

I made the classic dominican poor person plate, money was running real low. Juca, Platano and Salami

They eat chicken feet here, a ward memeber gave it to me. I put it in the freezer

Tried to snap a good pic of san fran

Watching the Huelga (riots) on monday night. Mom im wearing a Logan High shirt

The shotgun shells and grenade rounds I found this morning from the huelga

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