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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Six Months!

Dear Family and Friends!
This week has been a lot calmer than the past few! It seems like the riots and tear gas attacks have finally passed. San Francisco is finally back it its old self. Not a lot to report, other than that I'm healthy and doing well!

Like Isaac wrote, I have really been struck by the importance of Faith and Repentance. This week we taught a ton of lessons on the Plan of Salvation, tying in the importance of Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Gift of the Holy Ghost and Persevering to the End to this plan. No matter how valiant we are at keeping the commandments and being examples of Christ, there is always room to have more faith and repent with more diligence. 1st nefi 10 vs 19 talks about the importance of diligence. Really when we search for anything with diligence, more faith, a remission of our sins we will find comfort...especially in the Atonement of Christ.

This week has been somewhat weird. We can no longer contact door to door, like classic missionaries of old. Soo we are praying and asking for a ton of references. Right now the work is a little dead here. We have one baptismal date and no one else who is really progressing. Our one baptism is scheduled for the 28th and we are all super pumped. Manuel is progressing like crazy and helped us bring another investigator with cancer to church on Sunday...it was a miracle! She called us 15 minutes before church and we didn't have a ride set up for her. We prayed that God would provide a way for Maritza (tiene cancer) to come to church. To our surprise, Manuel was there with his Guaga (little car thing - I'll try to get a picture because the thing looks hilarious) and Maritza felt the spirit during sacrament meeting and had a ton of questions. She's still super hesitant about baptism but we are praying and working hard.

Other than that this week has been superrr average. I got an awesome letter from the family that made me a little trunky!! SHout out to Anna for getting down to business and chugging through the Book of Mormon. Keep at it!

I love you all. It's crazy to know that I passed the 6th month mark. I can't really describe how weird time works on the mission. Its been the longest, yet shortest, most taxing, yet rewarding sixth months of my life. You can't watch grass grow and you certainly can't watch the spiritual growth of a missionary day to day. All I know is that I have a much stronger testimony of the truth and blessings of this gospel. I have helped myself much more than I have helped any less-active, recent convert or investigator. I know that the Libro de Mormon is absolutely the word of God.

Until next week,
Elder Blake

My new comp, Elder Cedeno
​El campo

Intercambios with Sotello, Alberlise is progressing a lot. Hoping that she can come to church this Sunday!

Just to give a good example of a typical domincan house, all cement

With a couple young dominicanoss

En el Campppo (Thought this looks like a mom tree)

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