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Monday, March 2, 2015



This week was transfers and I am sad to see my comp go. I know I ripped on Elder Velasquez in my hand written letter but I love the dude now. We had our differences, but I was really sad to see him leave.
Anyways, yep I have another transfer in San Fran. Dang - I'm going to have at least 6 months here!! I love it here but want to see the beach! My new comp se llama Elder Cedeno and is Dominican. He's just such a classic dominican, big build, super tall, plays baseball and just super goofy. I have a tonnnn of pictures but my adapter is too big to plug into the usb port. 

But to have one area, three latino comps lets gooooo, its super awesome. I'm basically Dominican now haha. My comp lost one of his bags so we don't have much time to write. It's a bummer and we are both really hot right now!

Anyways life is going super well. I have finally gotten over my solo in Stake Conference. This week I remembered something very important Kirby told me in the temple. It was simple advice but it hadn't really hit me until this week. He told me to just lose my self in the work. Its A LOT harder said than done, but God works miracles when we lay everything on the table. It's crazy to think that I am coming up on 6 months in the mission, one quarter of the way there. Basically it feels like I blinked and am here. If the next year and a half go by as fast as these first sixth months I'll be home before I know it. This has really puzzled me: the velocity at which time passes. I can still hear Kirby's words in my head, just lose your self in service. I don't think there is a greater example of this service than Ammon from the Book of Mormon. And I think I've learned here on the mission that this work really requires every ounce of dedication, love, service that we can give. It's hard to give it my all every second of everyday but I just try to think of the great people and examples I know of missionary service.
Anyways gotta go!
I'll write a better letter next week with pictures and everything!
Love y'all!
Elder Blake

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