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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Faith in Every Footstep

Wow this week has been super spiritual. I love my comp; he connects with everyone soooo well. He can make me laugh at any second. This morning he was running around the house yelling NO ME SACAN LOCOOO hitting stuff with a two liter water bottle. It was a little weird but I rolled with it.
I had sooo many awesome and spiritual experiences I don't know where to start.  

Thursday was probably one of the best days of the mission. We woke up, did everything normally, left the house at three as usual. We had appointments set up all the way to 9:30, but literally EVERY lesson fell through, until 8 o'clock. We walked the entire area and every member, less active, investigator was either busy or wasn't home. I think we went to 0 for 20. At about 6 I told my comp, that this had to be a test of faith. We both laughed and said a prayer in the street just to have the spirit with us. And after the prayer my comp said Elder Blake, fe en cada paso muchacho! That translates to faith in every foot step. I took it to heart and we finished the night with three AWESOME lessons. We finished with Manuel, our stud investigator who has a baptism date for the 28th. (Shout out to Weston One and Hanzlty's friend Daniel who has a baptismal date the same day) We taught the plan of salvation. In previous lessons he has told me that he feels the need to be baptized, but doesn't really know why. We taught specifically about spirit prison and paradise. In the middle of the lesson he started crying. He told us that he has been waiting for an answer to know where his dead parents and sister are. We then explained baptisms for the dead etc. He bore his testimony and told us he knows the church is true because every question we have an answer. He is superrr pumped for his baptism, scheduled for the 28th. I know God was testing our faith that day. Even though we went 3 for 23 (crazy didn't even realize that. 323 is the number I always see) we never lost the spirit. God works in mysterious ways, but I know that he will always bless us when we obey and strive to have the spirit with us.
Other highlight was fasting with my comp. We fasted for sooo many things, but specifically for new investigators. That day we received three references, all families....which is SUPER rare here in the DR.
Its safe to say that this week has been quite humbling. I know that this is the Lord's work, and that he works by small and simple things. I love the mission, it is still filled with heartache, trials, tough times but at the end of the day its all worth it. I'll be coming home before I know it!
Love y'all, enjoy the cold.
Elder Blake 52 
P.S. I'm super pumped for General Conference.

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