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Thursday, February 12, 2015

5 Months

Wow this week has been really awesome. First off I really loved what Isaac wrote about: "every person has a different purpose for serving a mission but all missionaries, in my opinion, should have drive and dedication to serve our Lord with all our heart, might, mind and strength". It's wicked hard and really can't say that I'm doing all I can to serve with all these attributes but I know God knows when we are trying our hardest.
Last night we taught a member family Mosiah 2 17 'when we are in the service of our fellow man we are in the service of our god'. I believe this to be true. But I believe we shouldn't serve others just because it's service to God. Service should be out of love. Charity, in my opinion, is the greatest gift we can have. When we have this gift, the pure love of Christ is literally spilled upon us. I know its hard to obtain such love but it's do-able.

On Saturday we had three baptisms. I wish my Sd card worked because I have some awesome pics of the tisms. The spirit was sooo strong and we had 4 investigators at the baptism. All were able to feel the spirit strongly. 
However, the coolest part of this week was sacrament meeting on Sunday. After the confirmations, Astri (she's Anna's age) was dying to bear her testimony. Obviously it wasn't the right time in the meeting to do it so the bishop asked her to wait. We did have fast and testimony meeting and she was the last person to bear her testimony. Hearing her confirm everything we taught her, testify that the church and Book of Mormon were true, that her baptism was an answer to her prayers comforted and pumped me up to find more converts like Astri.

As for other news, we had a multi-zone meeting with president yesterday. All the talks were about how to get more motivation for the work etc...except presidents and I loved it. Basically, we just read the first chapter of the Book of Mormon together. He tied the story of Lehi and Nefi como Jose Smith and our own conversions to the gospel. Everything we teach as missionaries can basically be boiled down to that first chapter. Read it!
The Book of Mormon is sooo special, I have such a strong testimony of its power.
Don't have much time for anything else, tried forever to get my sd card to work.
Love y'all and thanks to Uncle David's family for the care package. Yardy know my breath is super fresh with the floss and mints they sent.
Christmas Eve. Working hard to get these guys back to church.

Me & Martin with some coconuts. They taste awful!

Dope little shack in Martin's yard.


Got back last night soaking wet.

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