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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Eyyy la limitad de esta traslado

Family and Friends,

First and foremost, what a joy and privilege it is to write about this amazing experience I have had preaching the gospel. This week was dang awesome. I've never worked so hard in the mission. It was filled with fasting, member intercambios and a lotttt of lessons. The fruits of our labor haven't gone unnoticed. I'm really greatful for my comp because he's such a good example of someone who gives all his effort to this work. He's had a lot of success in the mission and I'm starting to see the type of missionary I can be.
We are coming up on three big baptisms for this Saturday. A single mother and her daughter and then another teenager. Freaking sweet!
Two highlights from this week:
1. Fasting. On Friday I felt an overwhelming need to fast just to have the spirit, patience and charity. I have never in my life received an answer to my prayers faster than I did on Friday. When I stood up I just started to smile and laugh a little. I really just felt consumed with love and joy. I walked around San Fran with a hugee smile on my face all day long.
2. We had a conference for the Caribbean on Sunday. We had the privilege to hear from Elder Packer, Elder Holland and two other people from the seventy. President Holland spoke about standing in holy places and finished with his testimony in Spanish. It was soo powerful, as always.
I was delighted to receive a Christmas package from the Jones family on Monday. All the letters, gum, beef jerky were wellllll needed and received. Apoyo has somehow seemed to slip away so the food has given me some much needed energy.
I really feel like I can't put into words what the mission has done for me. I don't think I can describe how its changed me but I know it has. I look forward to planning, leaving the house, teaching, serving. I am really just starting to feel adjusted to this culture. I'm pumped to only have five months here because I know there is soo much work to be done here in the DR. I love these people, their culture and am giving it my all to build the kingdom of God here in this amazing country.
I'm pumped the Pats won the Superbowl btw. But more pumped to hear that Fadule signed with BC, thats hugeee. I'd love to get in contact with him, mom could you help me out?
Love you all,
Elder Blake   

PS - Also my card reader doesn't stinking work. I know its been like a month since I sent pics. I need to buy a new one.

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