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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Epic Week

Eyyy familia!

Another week in the books. I'm a little frustrated right now because I cant seem to figure out how to send pics. I promise I'm still good looking.  I can only say that because Bro Dowling told me that Blake is evidence that you only get better looking on the mission and it's hard to improve on perfection. Haahaa I'll try again next week with pics.
Anyway, this week has been crazy but in a great way. 
On Friday I had a great meeting with my mission president. He basically told me that he is going to give me a lot of challenges here in the mission; things I will be able to handle but that will really test my patience etc. Bring it on!!
In a lot of ways this week has been the best week of the mission. Mom, I don't know how different the church is where Austin served but its completely different here in san fran. The bishop told us on Saturday that there are almost 600 members on record here in my barrio but only about 45 regularly attend. Our ward mission leader (we had our first meeting together yesterday) told us that all the members here and only Sunday members. It was very discouraging to hear this but how do you respond to adversity? WORK! Sunday, Monday and Tuesday we've worked with members constantly, done exchanges etc. We've really seen the fruits of this in the past few days. It just feels good ending the night knowing that there wasn't one more person we could have taught.
As for our progressing investies: We have three baptisms set for the 7th. Pray for them that they will continue to feel the spirit etc!
As foe some worldly news this week lod gigantes de san fran won the basically world series of the Caribbean here in san fran. The whole city has been partying non stop since Sunday night....people burning tires, drinking, shooting guns. Sunday night we saw a group of youngins pushing a burning refrigerator down the street...gotta love san fran!
Mom, I promise I'll stay safe, love you!
Elder Blake

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