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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Week uno con Velasquezz

Ayyy familia!!

Today marks three months exactly in the field!! And 20 months for my comp. I think we will go buy pica pollo to celebrate.

All I can say is this week has been solid, changing comps has really changed the way I look at teaching, studying etc. Really feel like this change was inspired; my comp is a boss. Yeah dad I guess he looks like Angel Fernandez a little bit, but from the side he is Mr. Burns from the Simpsons - it's epiccc.

Anyway, Rodruigez kind of 'died' the last week here and we missed a lot of great oppertunities to teach etc. But Velasquez has helped the area get back on track. We have two baptisims set for the 7th and they're both really pumped for the big day. Pray for us to find more people to teach etc. I know there is gold here in San Fran, we just have to work harder to find it...trust in the Lord tu sabesss! But yeah, I've been really impressed with my new comp and the way he works.

As for this week, my highlight was contacting. It's something Elder Rod refused to do and there was this one street that I have wanted to contact for the past 3 months. The FIRST house when contacted we found an inactive member, someone who was baptised young etc. and just gradually stopped going to church. The guide of the spirit really is awesome. It's been such a change this week and I really feel like we re-lit the fire and are ready to help San Fran out. As for other highlights, I had a dream in Spanish this week, and my comp told me I slept talked a little bit with him en mi idioma, el don de lenguas es real! 
Mom, did you get the picture Kasbel sent to you? She had her baby on Monday so she's been wicked busy with that etc, but really wants to stay in contact with you. She knows English so you'll get a low down of my life here in San Fran.

This gospel is the greatest gift I have been given. And to go out and share it cada dia is such a blessing. I woke up this morning and scratched my head a little confused knowing that I have three months, here in San Fran. Yeah it really isn't a lot of time but it felt like yesterday that I got here. 

Yesterday we taught a lesson from Alma 7 vs 11 y 12 about the expiación...atonement of Jesus Christ. To think of all the pain he had suffered for us is really remarkable. The atonement is something we can all prosper from. Doesn't matter how big or little our mistakes are, it's a gift given to us to learn and grow.
2nd nefi 26 30 y 33 are two other scripts that I've absolutely loved this week.

Famila y Amigos, I love you all, I'll keep praying and fasting for ya mom. I know your studio will work out!
Com Amor,
Elder Blake

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