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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Weekly Update, Transfers, New comp etc

This week has been another challenging week! I guess I can't really put my emotions into words. Haha I think it's just a combo of stress, exhaustion and trying to work my hardest. Despite my hardest efforts our investigators are just not really progressing anymore. Those who had baptismal dates stopped going to church an our new people aren't really making an effort to go to church. I think it has to do with exact obediencia; with Elder Preston we had slipped a little bit and we were doing things that distracted us from our work and didn't work in the best way. There is a lot to improve on, especially planning and getting home on time. I think that I will be able to see success this transfer if I start to do ALL the little things again. and then Ill start to see improvement.

Haha I know I'm making it sound like I've had the worst week of my life. But it really hasn't been that bad, I just feel lot of pressure from myself and from the Lord. I know that this is His church and that as missionaries we teach the gospel of Jesucristo. I know that this gospel has blessed my life more than anything in the world. I know that the atonement of Christ will help me to become a better person and to be able to help my repent of my sins. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and I LOVE  my savior Jesus Christ. 

Sorry for the WORST weekly letter I've written but next week it'll be better.

BTW I will either be writing on Tuesday or Thursday becuase on Wednesday we have our leadership council with the area presidente Elder Cornish. 

Love you guys!
Elder Blake

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