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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Semana Bacana

February 24th, 2016

Esta semana me fue muy bien!!!!

Wow hello family and friends I can't believe how quickly time flies by. This week flew by in the blink of an eye. I wish I could go through and my journal and write down EVERYTHING that has happened but it would take wayyy to much time. Like all weeks let me go through a few of our highlights.

Last Tuesday we found a super cool family of 3 young adults who are progressing super rapidly. We taught them Tuesday and then Friday we went back and finished the restouracion. As week testifies of the Book of Mormon the spirit filled them room and we committed them to be baptized and come to church. Anyways Sunday came around and we called them at 8 to invite them to church. Their phone rang once and them it just shut off, we called a few more times and it seemed like them had blocked the number. We were super sad and thought for sure that they were really interested. We went to church a little let down and RIGHT before sacrament started they walked in!! It was a huge back door santa, and the best part about it was that they LOVED the Gospel Principles class. My companion taught them on Monday but I was in Cotui on an intercambio. He said that the lesson was very spiritual and that they are progressing a lot! Pray for Amilcka, Amarelis and Ricky!!!

Last night my companion and I felt inspired to go check up on a few contacts we had done about a month ago. As we were walking past the first house we felt that we shouldn't follow up with them, then from the porch we heard someone say in perfect English, yooo whats up Mormons!! It turns put the girl we contacted had her New York boyfriend over. We went to talk to them and he had a lot of questions. We taught in spaniglish and focused on the BoM. After the hour long lesson we invited them to read and pray. Johnny (the dude) said, 'Well I don't really know if this is right, but this book makes a lot of sense and I just believe that its true. Yeah, I know its true.' It was super super cool and he invited us to come by on Thursday. It was super super cool.

As a zone leader I have felt very pressured from presidente to baptize and lead our zone in all los indicadores claves. Here, in all honesty, its HARD to baptize because its soo hard to find people who actually have real interés. Its been something that has really bothered me these past few weeks. I feel like I'm doing things the right way and just not seeing results. However yesterday we had a very spiritual lunch visit with a recent convert and her sister. Cauhana is a recent convert of 2 months and her younger sister Catolice has been progressing a lot, but she has been neglecting a fecha para bautismo. My comp and I decided that we needed to fast with her. Yesterday we taught about this principle and invited her fast to receive an answer to her prayers. We finished our fast ahorita and we feel really positive that she will be baptized in two weeks. Please pray for Catolice!!!

Life is going really well. I cant believe than my mission is acabándose super rapidly. But I'm going to keep working con todo mi corazón!! 

Until next week. Elder Blake

While contacting up in Los quemados we found this crazy river!

We found a dam in our area and they let us take a quick tour

In Compamento with Christopher last sunday before he left for Guatamala

Yeah we found some wild bananas.

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