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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Good Week

February 17, 2016

Hekko de nuevo

I am super super tired. Haha wow I still have to get adjusted to being more occupied. Sadly, being so tired has taken its toll on doing some of the little things; it's something that I really have to get better at this week. I guess you could say that I have felt as if I've been slipping with punctuality, going to bed on time, studying on time, leaving exactly at 10am etc. It's been hard for me in that sense this past week. However I had a really great interview with Presidente Castillo. I have come to love him and his way of dirigiendo la misiĆ³n. I talked of my worries and how even though I feel like I'm doing everything in my power to baptize, the success just isn't coming. He told me that the work is hard yet rewarding (something I already knew). But he just reassured to me that he was happy for what I was doing, and gave me some more animo to hit the streets and help people conocer el evangelio de cristo. Also he told our ex ward mission leader who left for his mission that Elder Preston and I are some of his best missionaries. Even though I don't feel like it, its nice to know that he and the Lord think that.

Anyways this week was filled with some super cool experiencias. I'll start off with a super stressful yet funny day. On Thursday some recent converts told us it would be a really good idea to  go contact and area that missionaries had NEVER seen before called BLANCO. We got super pumped up about it and rallied together a small group of members to contact the heck out of this Campo. Campo means like rural area? Anyways we left our house at 6 30 A.M. on Thursday, loaded up with like 50 pamphets and a ton of Books of Mormon. We arrived to Blonco and as soon as we arrived two realites sunk into. 1. There are wayyyyyyyyyyyyy more cows than people and 2. Blanco is soooo far away that none could EVER make it to church. Haha we should have planned better because Thursday turned into a really long day without any success. We ended up having a few lessons, with a crazy atheist, a Catholic Father and some Jehovah's Witnesses, three of the worst situations to fall into as a Mormon missionary. Haha as we got home we just laughed at how crazy the day was. But then the rest of the week was a lot better. 

Elder Preston and I have been sharing the restouracion with just about anyone who is willing to listen and shows the desire to hear it. It is sooo personally edifying to help others come to the knowledge of the church. Last night we had a SUPER powerful lessons with a new family we contacted. We knocked on the door and the first thing to run up was a HUGE rottweiler, bigger than your average black bear. Right behind the dog came a young Dominican Thug named Ricky. He invited us in and we shared a message with him, his older sisters and their mom. As we were reaching the first vision I said a quick prayer that they could feel the Holy Ghost I recounted the vision as Jose Smith had said it and the spirit filled the room. We challenged the whole family to read the Book of Mormon and be baptized. They truly showed the desire to accept and I felt SOOO good leaving their house. This work would have little to no value if we did it without charity, it is soo crucial to the success of this work. More than anything I am so grateful for my testimony of the Church. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have the gospel of Jesucristo to lean on. I know that my Savoir lives and that He is the head of this church. 

I wish I had more time to recount the glorious moments of this week. Pero hasta ver!!! Vendra pronto ya sies meses!

Elder Blake

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