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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Pray and Fast for Harley!!

Hello family and friends,

This week has been super super AWESOME. Wow I've felt just so happy and peaceful with the work that I'm doing. I KNOW that this is the Lord's church and his gospel. As many people have said Conference was awesome. The internet was somehow down in our chapel so I watched the sessions in Spanish with our branch. It was the first time I had watched conference in Spanish. I enjoyed it and loved it but it was sad to see our prophets and not hear them in the native tongue. Or simply stated conference isn't the same in Spanish!! I would like to focus on a very spiritual moment that I had this week, and would ask my family to please fast with a new investigator and I this Saturday.

After the afternoon session of conference on Sunday my companion and I left the chapel to go contact a few houses in the bordering neighborhood. Here in Bonao contacting is super hard because everyone is catholic and hard hearted. We contacted about 2 houses and nothing, we kept walking and my knee started to really bother me. I can't deny that I thought, well, the week is over its 7pm we have to call for numbers in an hour so it wouldn't really hurt if we went home right now. But I know that's not what the Lord would do. So we kept walking around. Then I felt a very sudden yet slight impression to contact this one house. Visually from the door their were MANY pictures of Catholic Jesus and this family was obviously super super Catholic. A woman (Cameron) answered the door and let us in, she told us right off the bat that she is a radical catholic but would let us come in because her mother in law is a member, who came from the capital, was there in her house and had actually just finished watching conference. We invited Cameron to invite all in the house to come and listen to our message. In few seconds, her mother in law and Cameron's 17 year old son named Harley came out. We started teaching about the restoration and Cameron got really defensive, almost yelling at us that she is cathloic and will never change. After a few minutes she went inside to go answer the phone and Harley opened up. He told us that he had watched all 5 sessions of the conference and after the last session ended, asked God if he would confirm to him that this was the true church. Not 20 minutes later did we knock on their door. I testified that it was an answer and he began to cry. He then opened up and said that he knows this is Christ's church but is afraid of what his parents would do to him if he told them he wanted to be baptized. Anyways we left it tranquillo at that and yesterday at lunch he called us to ask if we could meet up and teach him in the chapel. We met him there and he told us more about how his grand mother had told him about the church and the mission. He asked us what he could do to become a member and a missionary. We talked a little bit about sacrifice and being valiant but then I felt inspired to  teach him about fasting. We decided that this Saturday we are going to fast together so that his mother can open her heart and let him make his own decisions. We then finished with a kneeling prayer and Harley POURED his heart out asking God to help his mother. Harley is soooo dope and could be such a strong member. These past three days I have thought endlessly about his potential. I know that God has a plan for him and that he wanted us to answer his humble prayer that Sunday afternoon. I have faith that this fast will help him out - help him be able to receive the gospel. 

This is really like those crazy conversion stories we read about in the Ensign every month. I plead that you fast and pray for Harley and his family so that he can receive the blessings of the gospel!!

I love this work!!
Elder Blake

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