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Friday, April 29, 2016

Harley, Ronnie y Juan Carlos!!!

Hello mi gente,

Wow this week se fue demasiado rapidoooo. I honestly can't even grasp time anymore - it just slips right between my fingers. However, Elder Irish and I are doing work!! We are working hard and having a really good time doing it. We sat down to plan on Thursday and decided that we were going to do ALL in our power to help our area and our zona then just put the rest in Gods hands. De verdad we saw some miracles this week!! Lemme explain a few.

1. On Saturday we were invited to eat lunch with Harley and his Parents. We ate fried rice, and had a nice conversion. Quickly after we finished Harley's dad peaced out but we were able to talk to Carmen and Harley about charity. Basically just trying to slowly and kindly plant the idea in Carmen's mind that Harley should be allowed to make his own decisiones. She opened and then on Monday we had an epic lesson with Harley about valentía. I don't remember how to say that in English. But he told us that he would build up the courage to talk to his parents. I gave him my CTR ring to siempre hacer lo justo!! and we both shed a few tears. I love him sooo much.  

2. On Wednesday we had a dope second lesson with this guy named Ronnie. He is 18 and super super sincere. We met him about 2 weeks ago and on Wednesday he had read all of the intro to the BoM. We talked about prophetas and invited him to be baptized. He acecpted and asked us what time church started. We told him and he said that he would go without doubts. We went to his house on Saturday and he told us that we was going to have to work from 7 pm to 7am in a bread shop but that he was still going to go to church. At 8:30 am he was standing at the door waiting for us with two huge pieces of cake haha. We told us he ran home at 7, showered and ran back to the church, all with cake in his hands haha. So we ate cake for breakfast quickly before sacrament meeting started. We haven't seen him since Sunday but he really enjoyed it, and seriously sacrificed to go. It was soooo dope!!

3. We had a ROUGH day on Saturday, for about 4 hours we were blank!! With nothing to do. We decided to pray and ask God what we should do. We walked and walked with out feeling impressed to teach a single person. Saturdays are super rough because almost everyone leaves to visit family or drink in los colmados. Anyways it was rainy and wicked, I felt pretty darn desanimado, but at 8 we walked passed this house and I felt an overwhelming impression to stop and talk to this young looking guy. We instantly hit it off, I spit off all the Domincan slang I know and he LOVED it. We shared a quick message about the gospel of Jesucristo and invited him to church. He said he would go sin fallar, and told us to come by at 8:15 to pick him up. On Sunday we showed up at 8:15, he was ready to go but asked us if he could invite a friend to church. Dijmos claro que si entonces se fue para buscar un amigo. We ended up just walking to church and Juan showed up with his buddy. We ended up talking about the modern day church in Gospels Principios and the spirit was super strong. I love love love teaching this class. Pero igual que ronnie, he wasn't home last night so we are going to go find him tonight. Pray for Harley, Ronnie and Juan Alberto!!!

Disculpe, estoy sufriendo con el ingles y quisiera dejar mi testimonio con ustedes en español, por que para mi de verdad es mas fácil a testificar en este idioma. Se que esta es la obra del senor y que soy su siervo. La obra que estoy efectuando no es tan fácil pero veo los frutos cada día. Amo este país y las personas que conozco acá. Se que la iglesia de Jesucristo es la verdadera y que el evangelio restaurado cambia vidas y ayuda familias a poder unirse. Yo lo se por que lo he visto. Veo cada día las manos del senor obrando con esa gente, y he podido amarlas como amaría jesucristo. Se de estas cosas en el nombre de Jesucristo Amen!!

Elder Blake 

I found the beast from sandlot. You can't really tell but this dog is HUGE!! Its paws are the size of my hands.

This is Juan Alberto and his cousins. We contacted them on Saturday and Juan ​came to church on Sunday he is dope.

I saw Dad's old truck!!

I found a TOAD last night, BTW its raining SOO much here. Erry day!!

Isaac met someone at our church who is from Santiago and knows some of Brigham's friends.

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