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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Week of Miracles

Que lo que mi GENTE.

This week was MONSTROUS, and super wet. Its rained every single day this past week. My shoes, scriptures and mission manual are just soaked!! Honestly it's a nice trade off from brutal heat because after 20 months its been really taxing!! My skin is FRIED. 

This week I have seen some amazing miracles and they all have come back to studying and understand a very basic gospel principle. GOD LOVES US. I think that this principle is soo over looked; how often do we take advantage of our all-knowing and loving Heavenly fFather? Well for starters I know that I could poner mas confianza en el. I think that this week my comp and I saw great miracles because we decided to do all we could and put the rest in God's hands.

Lemme take y'all through a few of the miracles I saw. 1st off Juan Alberto did NOT go to church this week. I was soo soo worried. It turns out he got home super late on Saturday and over slept until 12 30, we gave him a fat bolche Sunday night. And something super cool happened. First off let me say that he and his family LOVE me and I LOVE them. I can't really explain it but we have just really clicked on sooo many levels. They honestly say that they just feel a light when we are in their house. Juan Alberto told us about a dream he had. He told me that he and I were sitting on his porch with bird seed in our hands and that a large white dove landed on my hand and started eating. He said that doves DON'T just land on people's hands and that in his dream he was very amazed but that I just stayed calm. He called his grandparents and parents to look at the Dove gently eating and relej√°ndose. He asked us what to dove could possibly have meant and we talked to him about Christ's baptism about how the Holy Ghost came over him as a dove. He took it as a message that we are the Lord's missionaries who have the Lord's spirit....super cool stuff. Please pray that he and his family keep progressing.

2nd Yassenia and  Yeusdies went to church on Sunday. We went and picked them up and yassenia said the opening prayer in principos del evangelio. She prayed that she could become a member of the Lord's church. Also yesterday she told me that she also dreamt of me. That I was on a path and calling to her to follow me on the path. Muy profundo tambi√©n. We only have one obstacle with Yassenia - she has been living with a man for about a year and has to get married before baptized. We are now going to focus hard core on her husband so that we get the WHOLE family. Por favor oran por ellos!

3rd. Elder Corder, my kid, called me today and one of the most back door santa investigators that I had contacted in Moca got baptized on Saturday - a dude named Ramon Antonio. When I met him he had an awful foot infection and wasn't able to walk, but he always told us that he wanted to go to church. He then disappeared for about a month and came back to Moca with his leg cut off. We taught him a few more times but it seems that he had progressed a whole lot after I left. Elder Corder tambien me dijo que algunas otras personas se van a bautizar pronto ya, like Anthony. Soo dope that the seeds we planted are now being harvested!! I MISS MOCA!!

As I send at the beginning of this email I think that having focused more on God's love for his children allowed us to have miracles in our work. We are striving towards a few baptisms for the 28th. Please pray for Ronnie and Juan Alberto, also Yassenia su esposo and Yuesdires. I love this work and know that Cristo esta a la cabeza de esta obra!!

Hasta luego!!
Feliz dia de las Madres!
Elder Blake
Walking the campos de Bonao, con las vacas

This dude in a guaga had his fighting chicken, i asked him if I could hold it.

Comiendo cena con Juan Albeto.

In honor of Big Papi. Wall murals here are brutally ugly. Ill try to take some more pics

Elder Paulino y yo hicimos oreos fritos.

Con mangos!

I have Tevas haha

My comp and I

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