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Friday, January 22, 2016

Semana Perfecta

This was a very good week. Elder Corder and I have been doing really well. Almost all of our people are progressing, etc. I couldn't really be any happier here in MOCA. The mission is a dream!! I guess I don't really have much to report on, life is just going!!

As I mentioned, last week had been a little rough with our good buddy Berlin. We were finally able to stop by and teach him yesterday. We had a really close heart to heart as brothers. As always his heart is in the right place, and this just isn't the right time in his life to be baptized. As Elder Corder put it, he is absolutely ready spiritually, but temporally not so much. He is such a good person and I love him as a brother. Someday I know that he will be ready to get baptized. 

Although things were a little tough, life rolls on! We had three stud investigatores in church on Sunday, Felix, Jose Luis and Darwin. Para mi, it was a huge blessing that our new investigator Darwin Reyes was able to go to church. He showed up with his BoM, a Bible and una mascota to write down notes. EVERY time some one mentioned a scriptural reference in a talk, or a class he marked it so that he could go back later and study it. We went back last night to teach him and he is doing very well!! He read the Book of Mormon and had a ton of questions about repentance and baptism. We set a date for him to be baptized the 19th of March

Anyways this week as I had mentioned, has been a good one. We have started to go out running every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. I honestly forgot how much I love running. We only run about a 2 miles but it's enough to get the blood going. Elder Corder and I have been reminiscing about our time together and working hard until our last minutes together. He's such a stud and I'm gonna miss his BONES. Pero ya tengo que seguir hacia adelante. Tengo ganas a terminar nuestro tiempo juntos. 

Sorry for the short email, espero que sea de provecho.

Elder Blake
Old picture of our buddy Berlin!
We found a cat sleeping on some of my things.

We took her outside and she has come back to our balcony everyday for a the past week.

We fried up some oreos last night, sabia bien esta vainaaa

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