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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Visit to San Fran

I was in San Fran yesterday so I got permission to write today.
San Fran was AMAZING!! I cried like a baby saying goodbye to my converts, Astrid, Milagros, Miranda and Alexandria. Wow! They are all doing sooo well. I don't have much time because I'm here instead of eating lunch and we just got back from a killer service (we mixed cement for 4 hours) and I woke up yesterday at 4:30 am. So I am legit exhausted!!!
I have A new comp. hahah Isaac I'm finishing my mission with an Argentinian!! He is new in the mission so he still speaks like a capo....I have a hard time understanding his accent at times but he is super cool. He is from Buenos Aires but worked in Salta. He's a funny guy, kind of weird but he has a ton of animio and I'm going to finish strong with this young buck!
Well let me write you all a hand written letter when I have time. But seriously this work is sooo amazing, and I'm seeing all the fruits of my labor. Visiting with Milagros and hno Miranda a mission profecia was completed. They both, with tears in their eyes gave me the credit for bring the gospel into their lives and blessing them as a future sealed family. I'll have to explain this all in better detail when I'm home, 3 weeks, crazy huh?
All is normal para que sepan! I feel normal, just in the grind!!
Con mucho amor.
Elder Blake

Hermana Shira!!

Familia Mendez!!!!

La Bella Vista de Moca.

Food they made for me

Greatest family the DR has ever seen (I'm an adopted member)

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