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Monday, July 11, 2016


Happy fourth everyone. I forgot that it was our country's special day. What a blessing it is to have freedom of speech and religion.

Not much to report on this week. It's been hot, as usual and that's made it hard to sleep. I feel like I'm living inside a furnace, but my body is not completely used to it. We went to take out money in a bank on Friday morning and there was air conditioning!! Haha After about two minutes I got really cold and had goosbumps. It's gonna be a rough adjustment in 5 weeks!!

Well we are working hard! Lilo and Josafina didn't show up to church on Sunday. We are going to their house after writing, so vamos a ver lo que paso. I was able to talk to Lilo's mother (super faithful member) on Friday during an intercambio with Elder Stratton. He has had a lot of problems with other women and playing the lottery, but I think we are going to fast with them. He is also making us dinner tonight a locrio de arrence. I'm pretty pumped. People have been giving us soo much food latley. Rice, chicken and fried platanos. 

We had two investis at church. Joselo and Julian. Joselo now has a date for the 30th of this mes. He is a charlatan, he comes to church and prays disque but he refuses to read. Please pray for the guy? Julian has come to church twice now but he lives so far away and has such a tough work schedule that we have actually never been to his house, but as soon as we get there we are totally gonna teach this guy to repent!! He seems super cool. Well, todo is good here in the Dajabon Zion.

Cool moment, I went on a intercambio with Elder Stratton this past week. He is a fairly new missionary and training; I love the guy. He has a difficult time talking to people. He doesn't really know how to just walk up to someone and start talking to them. All the lessons fell through so I taught him how to contact. We contacted into this awesome family. They are pretty young, quizas mid thirties and have 4 kids. We talked about the restoration. The dad said that when he decided to join a church it'll definitely be the Mormons because we are always in the streets. We taught about the Book of Mormon and invited them to read it. Stratton and Gonzales are going back tonight. With Stratton I realized how much I've learned here, and how little time I have left. It's sad but I'm just gonna keep working hadddd until the last minute!!!

Love y'all!!
Elder Blake

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