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Monday, July 11, 2016

Pday in MOCA

Well I'm in Santiago and have to catch the five o clock bus to Dajabon in 45 minutes. Also this is the worst space bar I've ever used. In other words this will go down in history for the worst pday letter I ever write. Haha But I'm coiming home so soon that it won't really matter. 4 more pdays el diache!!

Today I left Dajabon at 5:30 am to go to Moca!! It was been such an AWESOME day. I got to hangout with my converts, Shira, Carlos, Freddy and Edinson. They are all doing SOOOO well. Edinson is going on a mini mission next week, Carlos when to EFY in Bonao last week and LOVED IT. Freddy is now the teachers quorum president and loves passing the sacrament, but best of all Shira is going to the temple the week after I'm going home. She is such a sweet soul and her testimony brought me to tears. When I knocked on her door she ran up yelled BLACKAY!! and hugged me before I could even react. We were talking about how much had changed in this past year and then she bore her testimony of the blessings God has given her. She really let her light shine forth. I left Moca in January thinking that there was a whole lot more that I could have done, but passing through today made me realize how worth it it was to work as hard as I did. Shira's testimony alone has made these past two years of prayers, sweat and tears worth it. After, I shared with her Mosiah 2:24 and started crying as I bore my testimony. I didn't think it would be soo hard to leave. But I still have 1 month left!!

As for Dajabon everything is going well. Only our investi Julian came to church. Josafina and Joselo couldn't, I cant remember why. But Julian is a huge stud. He lives out in the middle of nowhere!! He lives in a small wooden shack with dirt floor but he is one of the happiest people I've ever met. He was a reference and has been to church three weeks in a row. Last week we invited him to be baptized for the 30th but he said he would need more time. He had been visiting another church for about two years but realized it wasn't for him. We are pushing hard with prayer and the BoM. He has difficulties reading but he is really in tune with the spirit. 

We have transfers on Wednesday and I think my comp is out, so hopefully all will go well. I am going to freaking die in 4 weeks and now it's really starting to hit!!
Well I love you all and I know this church is true. 
Keep praying and studying!!
Con Amor,
 Elder Blake

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