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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

This week

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was filled with many little miracles and wonderful faith building experiences. It's hot, this country is crazy, but we are working hard!

 Wow I don't really know where to begin. This week has actually been a very standard week. I honestly cant believe how fast time is flying by. Two weeks ago to today I decided to read Doctrine and Covenants, and wow, it is such a dope book of scripture, there are soo many inspired sections that I have loved. I just finished section 123 and at this trajectory I will finish the book sometime this week. Wow the restoration of the church was truly amazing. But this week my companion and I decided that it was time to rededicate ourselves to this work. We were reading in el Libro de Mormon and we read. Mosiah 28 vs 3 which talks about the declaring salvation unto every living creature. We decided to make it our goal to invite ALL unto Christ -c ontacting when it felt inspired etc. This week we found a golden family and wow what a blessing it was been. 

As for the highlights this week. About a month ago I had the most spiritual experience of my life. I had never felt the desire sooo strongly to talk to someone in my Life. We contacted Antonio and we taught the three main lessons within 4 days. He told us he knew that the church was true, he wanted to get the priesthood etc. Wow! golden right? But he wouldn't come to church!! We tried everything, bringing the bishop, super strong members...even Cesar Acosta didn't really work! I decided to fast on Saturday so that he could come to church. I was praying all morning long on Sunday and just as sacrament meeting was about to start Antonio showed up!! Man I had never been so happy for an investigator to come to church before. We sang How Great Thou Art, my favorite hymn and I could tell he felt the spirit. After the meeting he told me, for a second time that he knew the church was true....It looks like, if we work hard there are three strong future elders that could be baptized within the next two months.

However, the brotherly love and bonding that I have had for my companion is amazing. This week he opened up and told me that his Aunt raised him. When he was four months old his mother basically decided that she couldn't and didn't want to raised him. His dad, although stable financially is a drunk and couldn't raise him either. His aunt was a member and raised him in the church. He has never really had a strong family and that hit me HARD. This week we had a family night where he opened up about this situation to a youth who is leaving for the mission this week. He then, after tearing up, gave me thanks for the example and brotherly love I have shown him and that he has felt like he is really doing what the Lord whats of him. I think that it was one of the strongest times I have felt the spirit in the mission. It rejuvenated my strength and desire to serve the Lord. Honestly there are so many things to be grateful for. I know that this church is true and if we really live the gospel of Jesucristo our lives will be blessed.
I love this work and hope all is well back at home.
Elder Blake

Gotta love the DR!

Me and my comp after a long, and hard days work!


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