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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Nine months!

Well today marks nine months in the mission! Basically the fastest nine months of my life...wow!
Anyways I basically don't have ANY time, but this week has been great. I had a wonderful fast and have received some amazing blessings form the Lord. 
Highlights. This week, in our Zone Conference we were given a new mission goal: to teach the restoration to a new person every day. On Monday in the afternoon, my companion and I had a really amazing contact. We were walking down this pretty poor dirt road and I just felt attracted to go over and talk to this man. He was the BIGGEST looking gangster Dominican ever...tattoos, smoking, toda la viana! But wow, I went over, introduced myself and he told us his name is Alberto. He let us sit down and he asked a ton of questions and was just super humble. He told us that all of his aunts and uncles are Mormons but haven't gone to church in 20 years. Wow! basically we found a village of less actives haha. We will see how the second lesson goes on Saturday.
I think the best lesson we taught was to a less active member named Mario yesterday. He is a return missionary who basically just fell into a lot of bad habits after the mission and has felt too ashamed to come back to church. We shared an old church video with him called the touch of the violin master...something like that, and wow, he started crying. One thing I have come to notice is that humility is the key to life. Mario showed A LOT of humility and promised us that he would come to church this Sunday...wow! I felt the spirit soo strongly.

All is going well here. I accidentally broke our fridge trying to de ice our freezer with a knife...we haven't have anything cold to eat or drink since Saturday. Haha! That's whats up.

As always, I know this church is true and the miracles that I see from day to day are amazing.
Until next week!
Elder Blake

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