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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Super Tranquilo

Eyyyyyyy Familia y Amigos,

This week has been filled with little miracles and happy moments. I have learned here on the mission that not everything will always come out the way we have planned or hoped, BUT that it is sooo important to stay humble and thank God for all our many blessings.

This week FLEW by and the I had a great opportunity to talk to Hermana Douglas (Mission Pres wife) as president was setting apart a missionary from my Rama. They're finishing up the mission this week and she told me that it has been the fastest three years of her life. I told her that I felt the same, and asked her what I could do to take advantage of every minute of the mission. She told me something really interesting. When she and President went to Freshman orientation at Harvard for one of their sons, a professor talked about the difference between successful and unsuccessful students at Harvard, and basically it comes down to the small and simple things....just as it says in Alma! From small and simple things come forth great and marvelous works. She told me that basically it is important to take advantage and do something productive EVERY fifteen minutes of free time. She went on to explain how even if we waste 4 blocks of 15 minutes every day...in two years we would have wasted 4 months of our mission. Wow! That hit me hard! 
This week I am been trying to rededicate myself to working as hard as I can, every 15 minutes. And wow! its coming along great!

As for highlights of the week. 
This week I have been preparing a STUD investigator for baptism...he has been pumped for the last three months working hard to let go of his old, natural man temptations etc. We taught the Word of Wisdom last week and he told us that he has had no problems with alcohol, drugs or tobacoo for about 5 years, but he still loves coffee. However without skipping a beat he told us that he would give it up. The next day at church he looked a little tired and sick, I asked him what was wrong. He told me that he didn't drink coffee and even though he had a headache he knew that God was going to help him. He then stood up in our gospel principles class and testified of the Word of Wisdom and of the blessings we can receive from obeying God's commandments.
Anyways this week has been great!
Love you all! 
Elder Blake

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