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Friday, May 22, 2015

Tropical Storms and Pushup contests

Please note that this post is out of order. It happened the week before transfers and I (Julia) forgot to publish the draft. 

Eyy family and friends,

I am finally found my groove here in the mission. It doesn't seem like there is enough time in the day to do all that we need to do. Dang there are just sooo many people to teach!! It is SUCH a blessing. Darwin is progressing a lot: he brought his daughter to church with him on Sunday and they both seemed to really enjoy it.

As for highlights this week. On Monday we left the house at three and taught Jose Angel. When we got to his house he was doing a workout routine in the street. He then told me that he was made of steal and could beat anyone in a push up contest. I took him up on it and I beat him, haha. The deal was if I beat him he had to gift the pamphlets to all his friends and give us a few referrals! It was hilarious. But after the contest, out of no where it started to rain like crazy! The streets were filled with water, up to like 7 inches on some streets. Elder Weaver realized that we left ALL the windows open so we had to run home and I got soakedddddd. It was something I will always remember. 

Anyways, this week I have made some killer progress on my BoM personal study. I just finished Alma this morning. I absolutely love the Captain Moroni chapters, and the battle entre Moroni and Amalickiah. I was reading in Section 50ish, I cant remember exactly where but it talks about Moroni fortifying the weakest cities in preparation for the battles against the Lamanites. It was a a great example of Ether 12:27. Because by fortifying the weakest parts of their cities they were better able to defend themselves from the Lamanite armies. A lot of times we need to do the same with our, spiritual armor to repel the temptations of the world. Dang time is wrapping up!

Hope all is well, until next week!
Elder Blake
The BIGGEST banana ever

​Frieny´s Bautismo..the kid is a STUD

Planning by candle light, it happens about once every 3 weeks

Puerto Plata con Elder Weaver

At the beach last p day!!

Push up contest, I did 50 Jose did 25....RAIDER PRIDE!!!!

Jose Angel, a studddd

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