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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Hola a todos

Hola a todos,
Holy cow, just finished my first transfer! Time flies when you're on the Lord's errand. This week has been great, tal vez the best week I've had so far. I've really seen the Lord's hand in this work and things come my way as I diligently live the gospel.

As I said last week I've been having comp problems, we don't talk and he doesn't really seem to enjoy the mission. After a long Friday morning, I took initiative and asked to have a comp inventory, basicamente el me dijo que he hasn't felt ready to train and that he's a bad missionary. He only has nine months in the mission and doesn't know why Pres Douglas asked him to train. He told me that he wanted to change and it's made all the difference. We teach with the spirit and let the spirit guide; we still have our differences but when you teach and study by the spirit the rest will fall in place.
1st Nephi 4:6 is a perfect example of being lead by the spirit. I'm really grateful for Elder Rodriguez because he's helped me exercise my patience and charity. We need opposition in all things and even though he's hard to get a long with, finding things we have in common is a huge win.
In other news, I have been thinking a lot about the Raiders. Thanksgiving just isn't the same here in the DR. I did eat turkey and potatoes but there was no Raider football. My heart goes out to the boys of fall - sounds like it was a hard loss. Shout out to Dolan for his commitment to tufts though.
The coolest experience I had this week had to be our lesson with Martin. Martin is a dope menos activo who is always very enthusiastic to talk and learn. It's hard because he always says he will come to church but hasn't since I've been here. On Saturday we had planned to teach him about the plan of salvation but we could tell something was wrong with him. He just looked so sad and wouldn't really talk. Out of no where he started crying his eyes out and telling us he needed to change his life. In all honesty for me it was really awkward at first, but my comp did something really cool, he stood up and just gave him a hug. We didn't teach anything but it was the first time I'd felt the love Christ has for us. Sadly Martin didn't make it to church Sunday. I kept asking myself why, but I know somethings take time. We have a lesson with him tonight and hopefully we can help him on his path to change.
I know this gospel is true, and Im so greatful for my time here in San Fran. All is going well at the end of my first transfer!
Isaac, hook me up with some dope ties, and congrats on the 9 baptisims, do what you can to help them stay active!
Mom, sadly I haven't gotten your packages yet. I was ticked, some Idaho kid who has one more transfer than me got six this week. Hopefully they'll come before Christmas!
Con Amor,
Elder Blake


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