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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Family and friends!
This has with out a doubt been one of the best weeks of the mission. It terms of teaching, we really lacked this week though. On Saturday day we had a flash mob in the only mall, in all of San Francisco and Salcedo. It would have been awesome if there were people in the mall. Sadly, I think everyone here is too poor to shop in places like malls. Anyways our dance was awesome, but we didn't have an audience. But on Sunday we had all three of our progressing investigators at church! After much prayer, Milagros was finally able to come to church. You should have seen my smile when she walked in to the chapel. It was unreal! 
We are teaching Edwin, Azdri and Milagros regularly. They have all prayed about the church and have a testimony of the restoration, its awesome. We're hoping and expecting to baptize all three of them in January. We're working hard and I know that through fasting and prayer it'll become a reality.
This week this, something elder rod and I have really tried to focus on is letting the Holy Ghost guide through prayer. I don't really know why but I have always been a very nervous person. Before football games, dates, tests literally everything that has weight to it, I am nervous. However, something I've learned in football, and here on the mission is:
First, prepare. Preparation is sooo vitally important for missionary work. Every night and week, as a companionship we prepare for what we our going to teach. Realamente without preparation, teaching meaningful lessons is impossible. Aveces I was nervous before dates, maybe because I didn't brush my teeth haha, or before tests because I didn't study everything in the study guide, quein sabe!, realamente it's soo important to prepare.
Secondly, and probably more important is to pray. I have really seen a difference in my Spanish, and the way I communicate this week because I have cried unto the Lord to deliver me. Sure that sounds weird and Bible-y, but read Ether 1, The brother of Jared is an amazing example of someone who prayed to God with all his heart.  

When I have done these two things, I have really seen a positive difference in my life. I have a testimony that when we work as though everything depends on us, and then pray as if everything depends on God, we will be sooo blessed.  

I know that my grammar is bad, but I blame it on a lack of time. I love this gospel with all of my heart. I know that my brother is doing work down in Argentina. 
Merry Christmas to all!
Love Elder Blake
1. Me and Elder Merlow. Classic Honduran!
2. Elder Rod, Me, Ray and Robsioins, goofin after our stake Christmas devotional on Sunday
3. Routa picture, the taxis here in the DR have a max capacity of 7 people. four people in the back, two in the front not including the drivier. This is probably the nicest routa I've take, it actually has cushioning!

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