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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Okay time for a bigggg mail dump. This week has been dope.

First and foremost, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Every night I would get back to my apartment and just think, wow is it really time to go to bed?Ttime flies when you work hard.
Life is great in San Fran, We have about 6 investigators but right now only about half are progressing. We have four baptismal dates set and if we can work hard I know that we'll seal the deal and help the barrio grow!
But there is a HUGE problem of inactive members here and over half our days are spent trying to reactivate. I guess this area has had a problem of baptizing for numbers and we have a lot of inactives. Everyone is super nice but Dominicans are freakin stubborn!
As for my Spanish, it has definitely improved but I try not to think about it whatsoever. Trying to mark your progress everyday is like trying to watch grass grow. So I don't even try to think bout it.
We had a zone meeting on Monday and I talked to an elder who has been out for one more transfer than me. He lives with three other Americans and he says he hasn't felt like his espanol has improved whatsoever. So I'm wicked grateful for Elder Rodriguez.
In other news this place in sooo dirty. We walk past this river every day and its legit filled with trash and it's a different color everyday. People just dump their crap in the streets and it all flows down, if it weren't so peligroso I'd take a picture. But my camera will get stolen if I take it out of the apartment.
I don't have much else to really say!
The ward has about 70 active members and we have a few great member missionaries.
Whenever we go to someone's house they feed us either coke or jugo. I'm kind of bummed about that because I hate sugared drinks. But I cant be rude! I don't really eat much though. We have a big meal at 1 and if no one feeds us throughout the day I'll eat like an orange before bed - that's it.
This work is great and once I leave the house at three for the day I just get sooo pumped. I'm a gosh darn missionary and puedo combiar peoples lives! Its awesome.
We had a dope lesson last Wednesday night with a family and I didn't say anything until the end and I bore my testimony that I knew these things were true. I started crying because I was so overcome with everything. The spirit really took over. 
If I've learned one thing this week it's to never be afraid of anyone. Once I let go of the fact that I can't speak great Spanish and just started loving,  that's when I have been able to speak my mind and heart. 
Be obedient
Move your feet 
Open your mouth
Never be afraid and always love
where I get huge

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