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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

No English Speakers to be found

Familia ya Amigos,

Oh my goodness it has been such a wonderful and sad week. These past two days have been extremely chaotic. First and foremost I am serving in the great city of San Francisco! It's the third largest city in the DR and my area has been the highest baptizing mission for the past two weeks (11). Santiago and San Fran are much smaller and nicer than Santo Domingo. However it's still just as crazy and wild. I can tell my companion o padre is freaking awesome even though I have only known him for about five hours haha. His name is Elder Rodriguez y es de Costa Rica. He doesn't speak a word of English! And on top of that no one in my district speaks English. Haha Isaac I'm coming for ya! I'll be fluent before you know it.

It was such a cool experience though. I have never received such a strong answer to prayer in my life. I prayed and fasted in the CCM to have a Spanish speaking companion. Last night during my interview with President Douglas (who's a savage) asked me if my dream companion would speak Spanish or English. Obviously I said Spanish because I know it'll help me to better communicate. Entoncesss out of our group of nine elders, I was the ONLY one to get a native trainer. Heavenly Father knows me and knows my needs. My heart sank when President told me because I knew that I'll be in for a long twelve weeks. But at the same time I just felt so at peace.

As for day one with Elder Rodriguez. He speaks REALLY fast. And for the first hour or so as I put away mi ropa he seemed not to like me whatsoever. Basically not asking me any questions etc, which is totally fine. I just got the wrong vibe. But then he told me he wanted to take me out to meet our investigators and some ward members and to share a quick message with each of them. Yo dice Caldo! As we left he told me that he saw us as equals. There is no senior or junior companion. He's a really funny and hard working missionary. As I practiced teaching he was impressed with my accent and the speed at which I spoke. (I tend to work better when people have confidence in me) Basically I'm so exited for this opportunity. I'm grateful for Elder Rodriguez, he seems very diligent and obedient - couldn't ask for anything more.

Now yo voy a predicad el evangelio de Jesucristo. Orara por mi por favor?
Muchas Gracias. Yo se que esta iglesia es verdad. Y estoy muy animado por esta semana. Dios nos ama. Y por medio trabajar, diligencia, paciencia y obediencia yo puedo hacer bueno cosas. (Google translate: Now I'm going to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray for me please?
Thank you very much. I know this church is true. And I'm very encouraged by this week. God loves us. And by work, diligence, patience and obedience I can do good things.)
As Pres. told me last night.
Be obedient 
Move your feet 
And open your mouth
Con Amor,

Elder Blake   
(Mom all these computers are in Spanish so my spelling really sucks this week) Julia's note - I spell check and do minor edits.

Arrived in Santiago - with President and Sister Douglas

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