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Monday, June 13, 2016

Trasladosss, Para Dajabon The light of the Gospel.

Well, I guess I have finally been sent to my last area in the mission. To Spend the last 9 weeks working on the Border of Hati. DAJABONN. I was transferred today to finish the mission here in Dajabon B and as a DL. I feel pretty excited to get this district going. I live in a house of four, Yo, Elder Sadoval (my comp) Elder Stratton (trainer) and Elder GOnzales (newbie). I realized on the 4 hour bus ride from Santiago that I have more time in the mission than all three of these guys combined....yeah I'm old!!

Anyways I'm feeling good. Leaving an area is always bittersweet. I got to say goodbye to the awesome people we were teaching. Both Santiago and Ronnie are progressing hardcore for their dates. Both are shooting for the 18th. Santiago is praying A LOT. He is super poor and has had many many problems in his life. I have really seen how the light of the Gospel changes peoples' lives, as they live it. 

Light is something that I studied this week. I love the symbolism of light in terms of the gospel. If there is light in a place, darkness cannot exist, because light always triumphs darkness. As we build our testimonies any refugee of darkness gets cleaned out and we begin to shine brightly. Receiving light is a literal way to drive away temptation.  I was singing the him, Oh My Father yesterday in my hammock, and the third esrtopha really hit me. It roughly says in Spanish:
                   Before I Called you father without knowing why. But the light of the Gospel has revealed to me that I am your child. 

I can really testify of these words. I have always said that I know my Heavenly Father and that he loves me. But as I have studied and prayed the Holy Ghost has confirmed to me, through an enlightness that he is really there and really loves me. I invite you all to build your own testimonies.
I love hearing from all of you and know that this church is true!! It's such an amazing gift to have the light of the gospel in our lives!!

Hasta la semana que entra!!
Elder Blake  

Fila Rosairo. Super Super awesome investigator family that would progress if their work schedule les permitiera.

Harley and Clan. I love the this kid!! We almost cried saying goodbye!

Ronnie (the kid with the white cast) and familia. Super awesome people. Ronnie is gonna get baptized in a few weeks!!

Celebrating a great transfer with Welch's Sparkling Cider on the Roof!!

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