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Monday, June 13, 2016

Dajabon week one

This was a really interesting week. Its always soo weird entering a new area, but even more so now, knowing that I'm going to finish in two months.

Despite a few bumps this has been a great week - my comp and I are doing good things. We have three people that will get baptized this month. Please pray for Rita, Sauel and Stevenson. Rita and Sauel are mother and son. Rita is a single mother and my comp contacted her 5 weeks ago. She hasn't missed church since. She is super excited about being baptized and is a very humble person. Please pray for her and Sauel.
Stevenson has become one of my favorite people ever. He is Haitian and contacted Elder Sandoval a few weeks ago. He has gone to church 3 times in a row and wants to be a missionary. His love for the gospel is pure. But after that we don't really have anybody. I'm going to work my butt off to find some news!!

I don't really know wha'telse to report on. Maybe just to mention that it's really hot always. I am going to come home black!!

Always interesting note, Dajabon has the COOLEST flee market. Mondays and Fridays the Hatians are allowed to cross the border and sell their goodness in this HUGE warehouse. Sadly all the items have Goodwill, Savers or DI tags on them. So basically all the US donations are sold here. But I bought some cool stuff like new Birkenstocks for 5 dollars, and a RED Head back pack for $10. I'm gonna aprovechar before I head on home!!

As for my comp, he is a really good kid. His name is Elder Sandoval from Panamá. He has 6 months in the mission and is still getting things figured out. I feel like I'm training again because his trainer and second comp were both pretty disobedient. I've had to help him out a few times. I live in a house of four with an other American named Elder Stratton (he is a weird nerd but I love him) and Elder Gonzales de Guatamala. He is a funny, small kid. I call him Duende (dwarf) because he is so small. They all make fun of me because I'm finished with the mission so shortly. 8 weeks, ayaya que cosa!

I finished the Book of Mormon for the 4th time in my mission. I absolutely love it. I exhort all to read the book, especially to read Moroni 10. The second to last verse he invites us to come unto Christ. I know that those word were written for our days. I know that this is the Lord's work and that this is His true church. 

Hasta lunes!
Elder blake

Con Amor Elder Blake   

Separate email:

I GOT your guyses letters that you had sent for Christmas. I don't know why it took so long though haha. Isaac your letter was is one of the most cherished items I have in my possession. THANK YOU for your mission run down. It gave me some good animo to always strive and be a consecrated missionary.

Jonathan asked:
1)  What are key things you would tell someone who has doubts in terms of building more belief/faith in their lives?

2)  What are key things that we can do to be better missionaries that you've observed on your mission?

3)  what are your favorite general conf talks from this past April?

Hahaha dad, I'll send a picture. We can go to the Haiti Border anytime we want. On Monday a Haitian woman stopped us. She barely spoke any Spanish but she told that she liked the gospel and wanted to learn more. I just thought to myself darn I wish that Carlens was my comp!!! Hahah

1. I always turn to the Book of Mormon because that is really what strengthened my faith. I credit the Book of Mormon to being the corner stone of my beliefs. I LOVE the book. I finished it for the fifth time last Saturday (4th time on the mission). I'm aiming to read it again before I get home. 
2. Opening our mouths, we are faced with sooo soo many missionary moments everyday. I know that we often get impressions to share the gospel with people and for fear of man we don't do anything. I think that if we open our mouths anytime we feel the spirit prompt us we will be great member missionaries.
3. Gary Stevenson's talk on Priesthood keys, as well as Jeffery R Holland's closing talk. Dope vaina mi hermanito!!!

Les quiero mucho!!
Para que sepan, mi dia Pday se ha cambiado. Ahora sera el dia Lunes. Entonces acuérdense para este lunes. Gracias!!
Les quiero mucho! (Okay BTW My Pdays for now on will be MONDAY. They just changed that.)
My FIRST personal bathroom EVER!! Five star DR class might I add!

I caught a lizard!

I think that my thermometer is off, but just to give you an idea of how HOT Dajabon is. It's like Saint George (UT) without air conditioning, and having to walk around in the hottest part of the day...I LOVEEE IT!! (no sarcasm)

Stevenson, he has a date for the 25th, he is an AWESOME guy!!

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