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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Worst week of my life!

October 28th, 2015

Brigham: Online!
This has been a very hard week. I have been diagnosed with dengue AND amebas. I havent been able to leave my apartment for 6 days.
Julia:  Oh my goodness!!!! WHAT??? What is the prognosis?? Are you getting the care you need???? Aren't amoebas really hard to get rid of? I haven't ever heard of dengue.
Are you going to get 100% better????
Dengue is an illness past by mosquitoes a lot like chicangunya and malaria. I had a 104 fever for 3 days straight and it just hurt to move any part of my body, especially my head. Thankfully i feel a lot better now but ill still be in my house until Friday with out being able to leave and proselyte. Have you ever heard of having amoebas in your stomach before?? 
But yeah Im taking some super killer meds for the amebas but ill be good!! On the plus side i have a SWEET beard right now.
Jonathan:  Dang - I'm very sorry!!
What is dengue??  Amoebas like stomach bugs. What are your symptoms.  Treatments and outlook?
Julia:  Oh my crud!!! Please make sure you are getting enough CLEAN water and food!! I am so so sorry you've been practically dead and I'm home worrying about stupid things in my life. 
I want to fly down there are take care of you!! Have Elder Corder send pics of you with your beard.  

Brigham: I have pictures on my camera but my camera is at home.
I don't know a lot about dengue but its not fun!! Just look it up on the internet!!
Mom, how are you doing??
Jonathan:  Has your fever broken??
So like a really bad flu - you've had. When I left Colombia they gave me some pills (I guess it's meds) that basically did a cleanse of my gut and intestines.  Don't remember details but seemed like it just flushed things out good. Do you have a mission doctor that's from the US that you can consult with??
Brigham:  My fever Broke yesterday. But yeah its basically a really bad flu that sometimes comes with some other pretty wicked symptoms after the fever breaks, tal como un rash etc. But we have a mission nurse. (Hermana Grange) I have been on her radar since Saturday but she walked my through what I should be doing and such. 
She paid me a visit yesterday and took a picture of my beard and said that I was going to make her weekly blog. I don't know what it is but Ill ask her for it the next time I talk to her.
Julia:  So you haven't seen a doctor??????
You are out of the house today. I initially thought your first email said you were in your apartment. I will look them up. Can I PLEASE contact the mission doctor?? Do you have an email for him or anyone that does? 
I just read about it online.  Mosquito borne virus.  Glad your fever has broken!!  That's good.   Not a lot you can do for it except ride it out.  Says take acetaminophen (NOT aspirin) 
Going forward lather up in mosquito repellent!!!!

Ask your mission nurse what to do for the amoebas.   Hopefully it's not too bad.  Most of my time in Colombia is felt like I had "Rock gut". 
As long as its a good doctor -no witch doctors or voodoo crud 
 if your mission nurse is from the US you're probably in good hands - hopefully she's experienced for the tropics.
Brigham:  Yeah Hermana Grange is the best. She bought me gatorade and I am drinking a lot of water! I can't really eat much though.These things are really common here and I wont have any complications. I am taking some medicine and just resting.
BTW I left our house to come write but the internet center is right around the corner. 
 Yes Hermana Grange is from Oregon and shes awesome. She works harder than ANYONE! I dont know how you can contacty her right now but when I talk to her ill get her info.
However I am gonna have to go lie down, love ya sooo much!
Elder Blake



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