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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Ether 12:27

Dear familia y amigos, this week I was finally able to get back up on my feet!  We had transfers today and my best buddy Elder Thaler (who lives with elder corder and I) is now training! This past week we had jokingly been hoping that Elder Thaler would train an American. Elder Hawks rolled up this morning at about 11 and he is a STUD. I know that these next six weeks are going to be LEGENDARY. I couldn't be more excited.  We are going to go hard!!!

To get back on track, this Friday I was able to leave the house and get to work! However, this week has been really rough and showed me that the Lord humbles the prideful.

Let me explain, On Friday we had planned Berlins baptisimal interview and he is SOOOO prepared for baptism. He has a testimony, he is living the gospel and wants to serve a mission, aka a golden investigator. However in the past 5 days a chain of events has stumped me and just has me and Elder Corder questioning ourselves and the Lord why. To start things off Friday Berlin wasn't home and he called us to tell us that his dad wants him to hold off on baptism so that he can investigate the church a little bit as well (all in all this was a silver lining because now we can try to teach them both) But it was just hard at the last minute. Second, his boss changed his work so that he will have to work all day Sunday, every other Sunday, to see that he will never be able to attend frequently. However he says he is going to talk to his boss to see if he can switch his schedule. And finally his cousin was murdered on Monday by two muggers about 5 minutes away from his house. All in all things have gone down hill this past week with Berlin. I still believe firmly that the Lord will provide a way and just requires that we give a little more effort and demonstrate a little more faith. Pero nada voy a seguir para adelante!

Also having to stay home sick for a week was a very humbling experience, I was able for many hours to sit and study the Book of Mormon. I have been able to find and analyze soo many things that I haven't previously understood. Basically I love the Book of Mormon and the example of Nefi.

In this situation, I have been able to reflect a lot on Ether 12:27, which has been my favorite scripture since I was a deacon.  However I know that the Lord requires his servants to be humble and repentant. I have a new-found love and desire for the Lord and his work. I love being a missionary and doing what the Lord wants me to do.

Amo el evangelio de jesucristo y se que lo que estoy haciendo es lo mejor. No quiero estoy en un otro lugar con niguna otra persona. Amo mi salvador y la expiación. Se que el libro de mormon es el libro mas corecto de todos los libros.

Bueno ya se fue el tiempo!

Hasta la próxima semana! 
Elder Blake

A house full of americans! from the left to right (Elder Thaler one of my best buddies, Hawks thalers kids, Corder my kid y Yo)

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